Thursday, November 25, 2010

Run United 2: The After Run...

I can hardly have time to blog more about my previous activities since this month is the busiest. This November I noticed that there are a lot of interesting good run events to join in the country that's why for this month I will be running for three consecutive weeks. 

November 14 - Sugar Rush (done)
November 21 - Unilab Activehealth Run United 2 (done)
November 28 - KaRUNungan 2010 (preparing hard for my first 10K run)

For my Unilab Run United 2 let me start by showing you some of my favorite snap shots from the event:
This run is the last leg for the Runrio Trilogy for this year. I do believe that this is the most organized run event here in our country. Like others would say it "basta kay coach Rio the best!" The tie-up with Unilab made the run the ultimate event for us runners. Having so many exciting after run activities that we could participate in, runners are all scattered to check out what else is in store. There are a lot of booths around the event area, each one having their own relay game to challenge the runners. There is what they call the "Rest Nest"; I love the idea where you can freshen up after you run. Best part of it was when my husband won the raffle, he got an iPod NANO. 

All in all it was fun, everything that the runners would need are well provided (markers, marshals, water stations, band to motivate runners, banana and sponges) and with a lot of extras after the run. As always the route is challenging for me. Although I almost slipped because of some gravel along the route, luckily I manage to balance myself to prevent from falling and worst sprain my ankle. The only thing I was curious about is whether this run gives part of its earnings to a specific cause?

For this coming Sunday I will be joining the KaRUNungan 2010, this will be my very first 10K run. I'm going to blog the soonest I can about how it felt, etc. Until then, ciao! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sugar Rush (After run): A run for the benefit of people with diabetes

With just 3 hours of sleep before the race I can say I'm not in my proper condition to beat my personal record. I signed up for my 6th 5K with the same familiar venue in Mall of Asia where I was quite comfortable running already. The route used is the same as the Rexona Run. Race started early which made us finish before the sun gets too hot. My in-laws also joined the 3K run because of the cause. There are a few who joined compared to other runs I've participated.

At the starting line I was almost in front. Running in less crowded event like this has so many advantages like the ease of space although motivation to run faster to race with other runners was low. I run continuously for 2K then decided to run/walk the rest of it. Tried playing my fave song in my head and everything but I was really not that motivated enough to run I guess because only few are running side by side with me. The encouragement came when I was nearing the finish line. Hearing people cheering runners to finish strong was a big help. So at the last right turn going to the finish I sprinted concentrating on my breathing and stride. Crossed strong but wishing I run the whole distance without taking walk breaks. I just want to mention that my bib number was 5050... Weird as it is but it reflects the effort I inserted on my run.

As promised here are some snap shots I got from the race:
All in all the race organizers did great; there are a lot of water stations, portalets are enough for the participants, the flow of the program was simultaneous and most of all it was informative.

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