Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sugar Rush: A run for the benefit of people with diabetes

At last a run close to my heart. If you will remember I started running because of my husband's condition. Now finally this is it, a run for the benefit of people with diabetes. I would like to personally invite all of you to join us for a run or walk for this specific cause. See this ad for more details.

I read about some negative comments for this run like "there's no enough water" nor "the singlet is not nice" and the race result which according to others took a lot of time to be released. But as I was saying its for a cause that counts not what we can benefit from it. It's what we can contribute for the said advocacy. If it's true that the organizers are not that efficient in providing such things for the runners we might as well bring our own water to hydrate and probably wear another singlet thats comfortable for us to wear. As for the time that most runners are up to, if it's true just bring your own watch. This run is really not the organizers "thing" unlike the other races you've already know so don't expect much from it.

To follow: after running for this event I will give my insights about the after run with lots of photos...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Running wishlist

It's a girl thing to be fashionable and comfortable shopping even for sports outfit and gears. Here are some on my list:

1. Brooks Glycerin 8 Running shoes
2. Nike Sports Bra

3. CW-X Womens 3/4 Stabilyx tights

4. Sony NWZ-W252 Waterproof walkman

5. Nike Hydration belt
6. Nike Running Jacket
7. Power Balance

8. Nike Elite Cushion Stability 2.0 Running Socks
9.  Nike Running cap

10. Garmin Forerunner 110

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." Jim Ryun 

Ready, Set, Go!

Before setting your foot on the track here are some things you should do first:

1.   Keep a planner – proper scheduling and planning is important for you to stick with running. It should be regularly done to build up resistance.
2.   Consult your doctor – you might want to get some clearance from your doctor first before starting to exercise specially for those who have a family history of having hypertension, high cholesterol and previous injuries.
3.   Buy your first running shoes – don’t just use any kind of rubber shoes you have on your shoe rack since it don’t have enough cushioning to handle running’s impact. Buying proper running shoes will help you prevent getting injured.

How to start right for you to have a positive experience:
  1. Walk first – If this will be your first time doing a cardiovascular exercise, do three 30-minute walks a week for two to three weeks.
  2. Run/Walk – interspersing walk breaks lets you catch your breath and lessen the impact on your joints and muscles. 
  3. Run by the time – Runners love miles. For beginners you don’t have to worry about it yet. Running by time is easier. Building resistance should be your main priority for you to eventually run by miles.
  4. Be consistent – Start by running three days a week. Doing it regularly will get you into your running shape.
  5. Build up – slowly, consistently, in your own time. Rush the process and you could end up sore, frustrated, or injured. Just slowly increase your running time 20 percent a week.
  6. Turning point – By this time you will notice you’re not as out of breath as before. You will likely to feeling running’s rewards – more energy, stronger body and a sense of accomplishment.
  7. Endurance vs. Speed – You need to be able to cover a distance before you can cover it fast. Build 30 minutes of continues running before you work on your speed.
  8. No pain, No gain – normal soreness should just last a day or two prior to workout but if the pain is like a sharp shooting sensation ice the area and take some extra rest until the pain subsides. IF the problem persists beyond a week, see a doctor.
Ref.: Runner’s World June 2010 issue

Basic Running terms

5K – 5,000 meters; 5 Kilometers; 3.1 miles 

10K – 10,000 meters; 10 kilometers; 6.2 miles 

15K – 15,000 meters; 15 kilometers; 9.3 miles

Bandit – A runner who participates in a race without registering or paying the entry fee

BPM – Beats Per Minute, the measurement of one's heart rate.

Carbo-loading – the dietary practice of eating a high carbohydrate diet (approximately 60-70% of total calories) for the three days leading up to a race to maximally fill the glycogen stores 

Chip Time – Chip time is another way of saying "net time," or the actual amount of time it takes a runner to go from the starting line of a race to the finish line. Many races feature a timing technology in which all participants run with a computer chip attached to their running shoe.

Cool-down – Slow, easy running done after a workout to help you recover more quickly

Cross-Training – Activities such as swimming and cycling that are used to increase conditioning and injury prevention for running or as a means of adding variety to workout schedule

Cushioning – the ability of a shoe to minimize the shock of running; while all running shoes have cushioning, highly cushioned shoes are usually designed for under-pronators (or supinators) who need additional shock absorption and maximum flexibility

DNF – Did Not Finish. In ultra running, this is sometimes Did Nothing Foolish, or Did Nothing Fatal.

DNS – Did Not Start.

Easy Run – A slow run done at a conversational pace 

Endorphins – Chemicals in the brain which create a feeling of euphoria; said to be the cause of the "runner's high"

Endurance – Your ability to run for long periods of time

Half-marathon – 13.1 miles; 21.1K

LSD – Long, Slow Distance.

Marathon – 26.2 miles; 42.2K

Motion Control – The ability of a shoe to limit overpronation and provide stability

Overpronation – The excessive inward roll of the foot; overpronation can be controlled through the use of motion control shoes and/or orthotics

Pace – Measure of the speed of running; usually quantified as minutes taken to run a mile; for example a runner may run a 7:00 per mile pace for a marathon 

PR – Personal Record, often used as a verb: "I PRed the race."

Recovery Runs – Slow to moderate running to recover from hard workouts or races and/or maintain aerobic conditioning

Road Races – Running contests over streets; all runners can participate

Runner's High – Feeling of euphoria some runners feel after a long, hard run or race (see Endorphins)

Split time – the time taken during any training session at any meaningful point during the whole session, such as halfway, at individual miles, and at round distances such as 5K and 10K.

Singlet – A light weight tank top worn by runners

Speed Work – Short, fast intervals with recovery jogs between; increases your leg turnover and maximizes your stamina and race confidence

Stability – The ability of a shoe to resist excessive motion; usually used to describe shoes designed for neutral runners or mild over-pronators

Stamina – Your ability to combine speed and endurance

Strength Training – Movements against resistance to develop muscular strength; usually weight training/lifting weights

Stretching – Movements designed to increase a muscle's flexibility; best method is still being debated but it appears that consistently stretching is the key to increasing flexibility

Strides – Short, fast but controlled runs lasting 15-45 seconds followed by full recovery; benefits include faster leg turnover and improvements in running form

Tempo Runs – Type of workout to improve the lactate threshold; usually consists of 15-30 minutes of running at the lactate threshold speed

Toebox – The front portion of a shoe. Also known as the forefoot

Track – Measured oval where races of varying distances are contested; usually measure 400 meters around; 4 laps equals approximately 1 mile

Ultra-marathon – Races longer than a marathon (26.2 miles) 


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Before & After

I was kinda shy to share this picture since I really don't like my figure before. But due to so may comments and likes I've got from my facebook wall post I was more of motivated to push more on getting fit. Thanks for all the moral support I'm getting from family and friends. To my mom, this picture is not enough to show how motivated I am to always make you proud and for believing in me.

Change is good, change for a cause is much better...

For so many times I have questioned myself "Why am I running"? It’s not an easy thing to do, with all other things I have to take care of (my work, being a mom to my 5yr old daughter and a wife). Then I need to squeeze in some training every other day or if I get lazy just twice a week plus a fun run on weekends. So why hooked on this sport? While having long runs I found the answer:

1.     Chance to bond with my husband (longer) -- Not that we don't bond together but this one is different. We share the same passion. We even pace, support and motivate each other. My favorite part is we get to shop together for our running gears which don't usually happen in my other shopping agendas.
2.     Weight management -- loosing 5kg/11lbs for just 3 months shows a lot of physical changes already. I get to eat what I want without hesitation that I will gain weight easily. People start noticing. By that alone I even get to influence my officemates to try running as well.
3.     Self Confidence – I can say that I don’t have that much of it ever since. I am really a shy person around so many people. This unconsciously sends a signal that I am “suplada”. After crossing so many races I really felt good about it giving me the feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment that I cannot just keep for myself.
4.     Self Discipline – although I’m already aware that I can manage myself from gaining weight, I’ve still learned to watch out what I eat. No exemption when it comes to training.
5.     Focused disposition – this interest me before, because I wonder how we could become so focused after exhausting ourselves in the track. What I found out is that you just don’t run you need to think. You have so much time to figure out how you manage your life and how you could make it more fruitful as you wanted it to be.
6.     For a Cause – there are a lot of fun run events happening in the country which donates and help a lot of organizations to a specific cause. Having to join several runs which benefited a specific advocacy is very rewarding itself.

Nothing more fulfilling in life than to help especially if we know that we live more comfortably than others have. But to wake up every morning to run for them can make a big change. Hope others would run more for a cause.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4

I have this running shoes for four (4) months now and after I bought it running was a bit easier and more comfortable with its stretchy fabric, snug fit technology in the ankle and more fit to my running needs. This shoes don't need a lot of time to break in, all you need to do is enjoy the ride less the discomfort. I would recommend this to those who have normal to low arches and for those who experience mild to moderate overpronation. Stability shoes like this one can help you prevent several running injuries associated with overpronation which include IT band syndrome, plantas fasciitis, shin splints, stress fractures, medial gastrocnemius strain, heel spur, ankle sprain, Achilles tendonitis and rupture, tarsal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and a host of other knee and even hip problems. 
Just always remember before buying running shoes be sure to know exactly what kind of feet you have... The best way to know exactly what running shoes you need is to go to a running specialty store that offers gait analysis. You can find one at RUNNR store at bldg. B1 BHS, Taguig City. I get the chance to try it once since its for free. Knowing what kind of running shoes you'll need will surely give you more miles worthy of its price.

Races I have joined

  • NatGeo Earth Run 2010 (April 18, 2010) -- clocked 33:01 in the 3K distance. This is the very first run me and my husband joined.
  • Greenfield City Sunset Run 2010 (April 24, 2010) -- clocked 32:51 in 3K. Not much of an improvement from my last run but the experience is different.                                                                            
  • Nature Valley Run 2010: Runrio Trilogy Leg 2 (May 30, 2010) -- clocked 28:10 for my last 3K run. Aside from my husband three other friends joined us in this event. A lot has improved specially my time since at this point I lost a total of 3kg already.
  • Ace Hardware Eco-Friendly Run 2010 (June 27, 2010) -- my first 5K run... no time was recorded because I failed to bring my watch and there's no race results released by the organizers. This event is really not that organized. But its for the Save the Mangrove Project so it doesn't matter.
  • 34th National Milo Marathon Manila Leg (July 4, 2010) -- clocked in 55:54 for my second 5K distance run, actually this is my first official time for my 5K record.
  • Rexona Run 2010 (August 1, 2010) -- big improvement as well clocked 46:46 on my 3rd 5K run. This event was the most generous in terms of give aways.
  • Miles for Smiles: Run for Cleft Care (August 22, 2010) -- clocked 45:17 on the same 5K division as before with two of my running buddies to pace with me. The route for me is very challenging with lots of uphill and downhill.
  • Adidas King of the Road 2010 (October 24, 2010) -- clocked 41:47 according to my reliable watch. Can't get my official time maybe because my RFID was defective from the start. But like before I don't care I have my watch so that will be enough just for recording purposes.

Still looking forward for more runs and hopefully making it to the 10K division soon... Keep on running guys!

Why Run?

February of this year my husband was diagnosed with Diabetes. It was unacceptable for me since his family knew about their medical history, but then he failed to avoid getting the disease. One of the major reason for it was his lifestyle. Many Filipinos such as myself also have a history of Diabetes in the family but it was an advantage also for us that we know so we could avoid it. March of this year was spent on thinking how to help my husband cope with it. Aside from dieting, physical activity is needed. Then April came and we found ourselves running.

It was Holy week then so we do simple diets and then a friend suggested a site where I could find running schedules so we could join ( We registered for the first time in National Geographic's Earth Run 2010 in the 3K division. With the event happening on April 18, 2010 we were forced to train so that on the event day we are all warmed up. 

The NatGeo Earth Run opened another reason for us to run. It was to run for a cause which we find more fulfilling. We trained crucially, I even questioned myself why I'm doing this. We train every other day at Tagaytay City Oval, we even met a lot of running enthusiast. One of them is also a couple in their early 60's. Their age was difficult to tell at first because they run as if they are younger than me. As months passed by, I get the chance to talk to them. They even shared their running stories which are very inspiring. One thing I cannot forget was to offer your every run to God because non of this will be possible if it wasn't for Him. I followed her advise then one day I found myself completing for the first time five (5) laps in the oval. The couple and my husband was there to witness the result of our training giving me a cheer i will never forget. I cried to God that in spite of every hardships there is a triumph all because of Him where everything is possible.

I continue reading articles/testimonies of other runners for me to draw inspiration and I hope mine will be an addition to inspire others as well...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Music as an Instrument

A good way to start a new blog is I think to express it in a song that truly expresses my feelings and thoughts. From here I will try my very best to share with you all my insights on running and everything in between... Hoping you'll find this blog helpful as I will start sharing my life's experiences and opinions with all of you. 

"This is my now" by Jordin Sparks:,0

To follow: I will be talking about my very first running experience (the NatGeo Earth Run 2010) and why running became an addiction to me and my husband.

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