Thursday, June 16, 2011

101 Swim Bike Run: The MultiSport Series

 Learn the basics of Swimming, Biking and Running from well know coaches for free. Just subscribe by clicking HERE and get to choose your desired schedules and venues for your convenience.

CLASS SCHEDULE (for your reference)

 Jun 11Bonifacio High Street Activity Center
 3pm-5pm 5:30pm-7:30pm
 Jun 18Alabang Town Center Activity Center
 1pm-3pm 4pm-6pm
 Jul 16Bonifacio High Street Activity Center
 3pm-5pm 5:30pm-7:30pm
 Aug 14Glorietta Activity Center
 1pm-3pm 4pm-6pm
 Apr 30Alabang Town Center Corte de Las Palmas
 1pm-3pm 4pm-6pm
 Jun 24Trinoma Activity Center
 1pm-3pm 4pm-6pm
 Sept 10Bonifacio High Street Activity Center
 3pm-5pm 5:30pm-7:30pm
 Oct 16Glorietta Activity Center
 1pm-3pm 4pm-6pm
 Aug 6Trinoma Activity Center
 1pm-3pm 4pm-6pm
 Sept 24Alabang Town Center Activity Center
 1pm-3pm 4pm-6pm
 Nov 12Bonifacio High Street Activity Center
 3pm-5pm 5:30pm-7:30pm

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Cavite Running Buddies Official Singlet

Personalized Singlet designed by Botak

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Cavite Running Buddies (CRB) official singlet to the running community specially to those Cavite runners who shares the same vision of the group.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2011 Post event

Excited to run again after a year ago at the vicinity of Greenfield City. Me and my husband arrived there early since Sta. Rosa is only less than thirty minutes drive away from our place. Last year I joined the 3k route but this year I got the chance to explore Greenfield City more by doing the 10k distance. Compared to last year our second run here was more convenient since the race starts early in the morning and there were no traffic yet to stress the runners to get into the venue.

This map looks better than my last which doesn't look as challenging as this one. The maze like part is fun... By the way from the venue itself it is really breath taking you can see beautiful greenery's and from a far you can see Tagaytay's Palace in the Sky.
I met someone along the route, a very kind runner who offered me her cold bottled drink so i could cool the sore muscles on my leg which I already have a day before the event. We even got the chance to know each other while we chat along the route. I don't mind really if it eats my time to finish since getting to know other runners are also one of my interest. We even share the same dilemma about our weight :D

Together with Cavite Running Buddies (CRB) we really had a great run at Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2011... We are not just runners but also a CLEAN AIR advocate... @

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Monday, May 23, 2011

My 16K suicide run experience

I was emailed by Greentennial Half-Marathon race organizers that Cavite Running Buddies is one of their Running Group Partner and they are giving away 10 free race kits because of that. Happy to hear the good news that CRB will be running for free on the said event, I overlooked the distance giving me the impression that it was a 10K run but apparently it was a 10 miler. I haven't tried to run that long before so it gave me a tense feeling that I might not finish, unprepared and under trained. We also came late on the event which adds up to my stress. Been the last one to start minutes after the 16K gun start because I was still lining up to pee. I even run without my watch nor a walkman to keep me entertained. With sored muscles from our training day before the race it makes running my first 16K more excruciating. Didn't want to injure myself so I listened to my body and planned to do a very relaxed pace. Although there was an urge to run fast since I think I was the last one to finish my legs won't allow me, pain is all over. I was just being boosted up by my group mates whenever we saw each other along the route. There were times that I almost want to give up and just stop. I even called my husband just to let him know that I'm in pain. But then Coach Liza's advice is to walk if I can't run anymore so I just did what she said. I even imagine myself crawling just to finish. After hours under the steaming heat of the sun, finally, two more turns and it was all over. Happy and excited to reach my most awaited finish line I started to run again. Almost about to cry I saw a familiar face waiting for me to get there. She was one of my schoolmates before and also a new member of the group. I'm shy to let her see that I'm about to break out so I really hold my tears back. Fulfilled, yes! But still disappointed and honestly frustrated that I might have finished it strong if only I was well trained to go that far. :(
Picture courtesy of Maylene Rosanes-Culanag
16K route map courtesy of Greentennial Half-Marathon

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2011

Greenfield City launched another race to be held on May 29, 2011 at Greenfield City, Paseo de Sta. Rosa. Event features 4 race categories: 500m dash (for children 5-12 years old), 5k, 10k and 21k. This one is a morning race compared to the first one they organized.

Registration details are as follows:
Online registration period is from April 29 to May 15, 2011 only. Delivery of race kits will start on May 6, 2011.
Regular In-store registration period is from April 29, 2011 to May 15, 2011 only at the following venues:
  • R.O.X. – Level 2 R.O.X. Bldg. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City (12nn–8pm, Tel # 8564638)
  • Toby’s SM Mall of Asia – G/F Entertainment Mall, Roxas Blvd., Manila(12nn–8pm, Tel # 556-0445)
  • Planet Sports Glorietta – 2F Glorietta 3, Makati City (12nn – 8pm, Tel # 8177896)
  • The Athletes Foot Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
  • Planet Sports Trinoma – 2nd level, Trinoma cor. North EDSA, Quezon City(12nn – 8pm, Tel# 9167451)
  • The Athlete’s Foot Robinsons Galleria – 3F Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Pasig City(12nn – 8pm, Tel# 6363162)
  • Paseo de Sta. Rosa, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna (Tel# 046-5412845, 02-4208003)
Late registration period is from May 16 – 22, 2011 at the following venues:
  • R.O.X. – Level 2 R.O.X. Bldg. Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City (12nn–8pm, Tel # 8564638)
  • Toby’s SM Mall of Asia – G/F Entertainment Mall, Roxas Blvd., Manila(12nn–8pm, Tel # 556-0445)
  • Planet Sports Trinoma –  – 2nd level, Trinoma cor. North EDSA, Quezon City(12nn – 8pm, Tel# 9167451)
Singlet Design:

The NatGeo Earth day run 2011 - My RunNiversary special

Just celebrated my first RunNiversary on the same event where I started running, the National Geographic Earth Day Run. It was also the same event that opened up my awareness that runners don't just enjoy the benefits of this sport personally but also given the chance to help others as well. Running 3k then was a struggle, I barely run all the way to the finish line. Good thing my husband was there to join me as we both enjoy the experience of our first run.
After I crossed my very first finish line
Looking back I feel so overweight, unhappy, bored and non-productive. Glad I have sticked with running for this long to regain "LIFE". Now I can really say I am happy and satisfied. Aside from having some quality time to bond with my husband in sharing  the same activity, I also feel more closer to God with every distance I cover. I cannot hide the fact that without Him I am nothing for He is the only source of my strength and courage to push myself to the limits. Running is also my stress reliever from work.
Cavite Running Buddies (CRB) was formed
Me and my husband was just running buddies before and now we have friends to join us thus forming a group called "Cavite Running Buddies". The bonding and friendship formed with the passion for running was perfect. It was like we are all motivating each and everyone to stay on top of their performance. Having a real and true friends to support your passion is also one of the best reason I'm still running. Although I must admit that you cannot avoid the stage where you become tired and burned out from juggling work, personal/family life and running/trainings. I was like reducing my training from every other day to twice a week or non at all. It was sad ofcourse, but there was something inside you that missed the feeling when you get on the road and run. That is what I call FREEDOM!
CRB @ the NatGeo Earth day run 2011
Before I get to register for this run I was hesitant to do another 10K for I know I've been lacking trainings prior to the event. Not that confident though I tried my best to train for the remaining time left and registered myself. Before the race starts I was like having butterflies all over my tummy. I felt the pressure that I might not be able to finish the race making my RunNiversary a shame. Along the road I saw our running buddy Agnes which was also on the same distance as I am, I just challenged myself to follow her so she will not be out of my sight just to keep me going. I was not expecting to get a new PR but surprisingly, nearing to cross the finish line I was early by a minute from my old PR I had from ING Running 20 (my 2nd/5th 10K).

After a year of reminiscing all the struggles of training I realized that I have more space for improvement. Trainings and more trainings with a lot of patience will help me get there. Hopefully this year if God permits I will finally experience every runners dream.... @

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cavite Running Buddies Summer Fun 2011

Cavite Running Buddies (CRB) was formed by a group of running enthusiasts who all originated from Cavite. The group’s advocacy is to promote our province in the running community with high hopes of producing competitive runners of all ages, bearing the flag of Cavite’s pride and honor. The main goal is to foster “Environmental & Health Awareness” through RUNNING.

WHO: Runners and Aspiring Runners

WHAT: Cavite Running Buddies Summer Fun 2011

WHEN: May 14, 21, 28 & June 4 (6am-10am) 4 consecutive Saturdays

WHERE: Tagaytay City Track Oval

Registration Fee: 800php
Inclusive of: Personalized CRB singlet and group membership.

For registration inquiries please contact Maie Alvarez @ 09085787988

Registration sites for CRB Summer Fun 2011:

Wholeness Family Medical Clinic

33 M. Kiamzon St. Silang Cavite
Pls. look for Ms. Ariane P. Villegas
Monday - Friday 9am-11am / 1pm-4pm and 
Saturday 1pm-4pm
Colegio De La Estrella
53 Summerwind Drive, Burol Main, DasmariƱas, Cavite
Pls. look for Ms. Marian E. Hernandez
Monday - Saturday 1pm-6pm
Tagaytay City Hall

3rd floor, Tourism Office
M-F 9am-11am / 1pm-5pm

HURRY LIMITED SLOTS ONLY.... Last day of registration will be on May 6.


- 18yrs. old below must have their registration signed by parents.
- Trainer is a Certified Running Coach & an Elite Runner
- Hydration will be provided

Monday, February 7, 2011

Skyway experience

As you guys all know I'm not much of a fan of uphill running. But then here in Condura Skyway Marathon most of it was very challenging. I am super carefree when it comes to road races. Since it is still dark when the race begins I really have to watch out my steps. We are talking about Philippine roads here and it is not that safe with all that holes and uneven asphalts. I'd rather run slow than to finish it going home with an injured ankle.

Route map courtesy of Condura Skyway Marathon 2011
I came to the event 1 hour earlier for the 10K assembly time since I'm with my husband who's going to run his first 21K. In my part it has an advantage and disadvantage. With less than 4 hours of sleep I can't say that I am full of energy for it. Sleep is very important for runners. Although being there early allowed me do things to prepare myself before the run and felt relaxed by not rushing to pee seconds before the gun start. By the way I have to mention my appreciation for keeping all the portalets clean specially for the girl's. 

This is the second most crowded runs I have experienced although you might not notice it that much since they divided each distance by what they called waves and they have two starting points. One at the Bonifacio  Global City for 42K, 5K and 3K runners and the other at Ayala Triangle for the 21K, 16K and 10K. It was indeed a well organized run. From pre-race to post race the organizing team never failed to inform runners about all the things we need to know.

So, I have seen all the 21K and 16K runners gone and now it's time for us 10K runners who are the last to start at the Ayala Triangle. I have noticed that other runners didn't follow their assigned wave, when it's my cluster's time to run there where a lot of runners blocking our way so I have to go around the side to pass through them. I suffered side stitch from start up to nearly 5K. But It didn't stop me from running although it slowed me down. I came a cross one of our new member in Cavite Running Buddies and decided to run with her for a while. It was her first 10K so I was like wanting to motivate her more to run and to lessen walking. She told me that she just wanted to experience running on the Skyway even with less training. When I reached the 7K mark I noticed my time was 3 minutes faster than my last 7K training before this race. I am not really that conscious about getting a new PR since I knew with all that uphill it's really impossible as long as I finished that's all that matters. When we reached the Kalayaan flyover I decided to go ahead of her, I ran all the way up knowing the finish line is just around the corner. With this new route and a lot to see along the way I didn't realize that I was already running that far. I am not scared anymore to run alone without my husband pacing me since 10K route felt like a short distance already after my 4th run. But I must admit I miss running with him. 

I have pictures for all of you to see what I appreciate most (the view, the runners & the cause for this event):

For the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011, the advocacy toward dolphin protection remains. Initiatives this time will be focused on scientific research, which results can be used as framework for sound programs and policies on dolphin watching at par with international standards. Aiming to exceed funds generated in the previous years, this follow-through aims to yield more opportunities in making Bohol a notable example of world-class eco-tourism destination. -

Publicly lunching Cavite Running Buddies at Greentennial Run

January 23, 2011 --> Complete with our banner, Cavite Running Buddies joined the Group's first run this year. We are all high in spirit since most of us are Alumni's of La Salle. I even got goosebumps when they sang the La Sallian Alma Mater Hymn.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Run this 2011: Run for love. Run for life.

Run for Love. Run for Life. is a fund raising activity of Hands of Love Philippines Foundation, Inc.  All of the proceeds will fund their projects that aims to eradicate poverty and hunger in the country.
When I joined Titanium Runner's raffle in his blog I became one of the lucky once to get a free race kit. And not only that, he is so generous to give another race kit to my running buddy/husband. I did mention to him in his blog that if given the chance this run will be our wedding anniversary run and it will be great to celebrate our day together doing our new found passion in running. We (my hubby and I), had so many first in this run. This is the first running event of the year that we joined, held in Alabang which is also a new place for us to run. It was our 6th year wedding anniversary and yet this is our first time celebrating it by running for change (change for the betterment of our country and for our health). We are so happy to have found running to strengthen our relationship not only as husband and wife but as best friends/running buddies. We even get to have a growing group of running friends which we named "Cavite Running buddies". To sum it all up, I am so blessed last year from all my running experiences and for this year I am so looking forward for more challenges and fun helping others in my own little way.

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