Monday, February 7, 2011

Skyway experience

As you guys all know I'm not much of a fan of uphill running. But then here in Condura Skyway Marathon most of it was very challenging. I am super carefree when it comes to road races. Since it is still dark when the race begins I really have to watch out my steps. We are talking about Philippine roads here and it is not that safe with all that holes and uneven asphalts. I'd rather run slow than to finish it going home with an injured ankle.

Route map courtesy of Condura Skyway Marathon 2011
I came to the event 1 hour earlier for the 10K assembly time since I'm with my husband who's going to run his first 21K. In my part it has an advantage and disadvantage. With less than 4 hours of sleep I can't say that I am full of energy for it. Sleep is very important for runners. Although being there early allowed me do things to prepare myself before the run and felt relaxed by not rushing to pee seconds before the gun start. By the way I have to mention my appreciation for keeping all the portalets clean specially for the girl's. 

This is the second most crowded runs I have experienced although you might not notice it that much since they divided each distance by what they called waves and they have two starting points. One at the Bonifacio  Global City for 42K, 5K and 3K runners and the other at Ayala Triangle for the 21K, 16K and 10K. It was indeed a well organized run. From pre-race to post race the organizing team never failed to inform runners about all the things we need to know.

So, I have seen all the 21K and 16K runners gone and now it's time for us 10K runners who are the last to start at the Ayala Triangle. I have noticed that other runners didn't follow their assigned wave, when it's my cluster's time to run there where a lot of runners blocking our way so I have to go around the side to pass through them. I suffered side stitch from start up to nearly 5K. But It didn't stop me from running although it slowed me down. I came a cross one of our new member in Cavite Running Buddies and decided to run with her for a while. It was her first 10K so I was like wanting to motivate her more to run and to lessen walking. She told me that she just wanted to experience running on the Skyway even with less training. When I reached the 7K mark I noticed my time was 3 minutes faster than my last 7K training before this race. I am not really that conscious about getting a new PR since I knew with all that uphill it's really impossible as long as I finished that's all that matters. When we reached the Kalayaan flyover I decided to go ahead of her, I ran all the way up knowing the finish line is just around the corner. With this new route and a lot to see along the way I didn't realize that I was already running that far. I am not scared anymore to run alone without my husband pacing me since 10K route felt like a short distance already after my 4th run. But I must admit I miss running with him. 

I have pictures for all of you to see what I appreciate most (the view, the runners & the cause for this event):

For the Condura Skyway Marathon 2011, the advocacy toward dolphin protection remains. Initiatives this time will be focused on scientific research, which results can be used as framework for sound programs and policies on dolphin watching at par with international standards. Aiming to exceed funds generated in the previous years, this follow-through aims to yield more opportunities in making Bohol a notable example of world-class eco-tourism destination. -


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Congratulations! Keep running! :)

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Great read! Looking forward for more running stories from the Curious Runner!

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