Monday, December 13, 2010

ING Running 20, my second and last 10K for this year...

I could not have courage if I won’t give 10K another try. So, I signed up again for my 2nd 10K run, still assisted by my patient husband who’s trying to make me run faster than my last PR. Aside from achieving another personal record the run we joined supported Habitat for Humanity which will build 20 homes in celebration of their 20 years of banking here in the Philippines using the proceeds collected from the event. 
Route map courtesy of ING
The route was not as hard compared from my 1st 10K. There was no major uphill/downhill along the way so it was quite manageable. The only thing that slowed me down is a side stitch which happened 14 minutes after the gun start. I got carried away to start fast since there are only a few runners that I might end up last amongst the pack. So to relive the pain I slowed down to reduce the intensity of the activity and took deep breaths. Good thing the pain didn’t last that long or worst make me quit at all.

I haven't experienced any problems aside from my side stitch which made this run comfortable for me. No blisters anymore, thanks to my new socks that did the trick and I also bought Kinesio Tex Gold for support. Ofcourse I wouldn't run without my Pocari Sweat although there are enough water stations that gives water and 100 plus.

The only thing I don't like about the route is where you are running side by side with vehicles. I even run my best just to cross stop lights. There was also an instance that confused me which road to take since there are not enough markers for me to follow. Glitches are always a part of any event, as long as the runners are safe and nothing bad had happened. At the end of the run what's important is you have finished the race and you have been part of the event's cause to help build 20 homes. @


Andrew Opala said...

confusing route ... but great cause!

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