Sunday, January 16, 2011

First Run this 2011: Run for love. Run for life.

Run for Love. Run for Life. is a fund raising activity of Hands of Love Philippines Foundation, Inc.  All of the proceeds will fund their projects that aims to eradicate poverty and hunger in the country.
When I joined Titanium Runner's raffle in his blog I became one of the lucky once to get a free race kit. And not only that, he is so generous to give another race kit to my running buddy/husband. I did mention to him in his blog that if given the chance this run will be our wedding anniversary run and it will be great to celebrate our day together doing our new found passion in running. We (my hubby and I), had so many first in this run. This is the first running event of the year that we joined, held in Alabang which is also a new place for us to run. It was our 6th year wedding anniversary and yet this is our first time celebrating it by running for change (change for the betterment of our country and for our health). We are so happy to have found running to strengthen our relationship not only as husband and wife but as best friends/running buddies. We even get to have a growing group of running friends which we named "Cavite Running buddies". To sum it all up, I am so blessed last year from all my running experiences and for this year I am so looking forward for more challenges and fun helping others in my own little way.


caloyb said...

nice run. congratulations and happy anniversary to you and your running buddy/husband.

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