Thursday, May 5, 2011

The NatGeo Earth day run 2011 - My RunNiversary special

Just celebrated my first RunNiversary on the same event where I started running, the National Geographic Earth Day Run. It was also the same event that opened up my awareness that runners don't just enjoy the benefits of this sport personally but also given the chance to help others as well. Running 3k then was a struggle, I barely run all the way to the finish line. Good thing my husband was there to join me as we both enjoy the experience of our first run.
After I crossed my very first finish line
Looking back I feel so overweight, unhappy, bored and non-productive. Glad I have sticked with running for this long to regain "LIFE". Now I can really say I am happy and satisfied. Aside from having some quality time to bond with my husband in sharing  the same activity, I also feel more closer to God with every distance I cover. I cannot hide the fact that without Him I am nothing for He is the only source of my strength and courage to push myself to the limits. Running is also my stress reliever from work.
Cavite Running Buddies (CRB) was formed
Me and my husband was just running buddies before and now we have friends to join us thus forming a group called "Cavite Running Buddies". The bonding and friendship formed with the passion for running was perfect. It was like we are all motivating each and everyone to stay on top of their performance. Having a real and true friends to support your passion is also one of the best reason I'm still running. Although I must admit that you cannot avoid the stage where you become tired and burned out from juggling work, personal/family life and running/trainings. I was like reducing my training from every other day to twice a week or non at all. It was sad ofcourse, but there was something inside you that missed the feeling when you get on the road and run. That is what I call FREEDOM!
CRB @ the NatGeo Earth day run 2011
Before I get to register for this run I was hesitant to do another 10K for I know I've been lacking trainings prior to the event. Not that confident though I tried my best to train for the remaining time left and registered myself. Before the race starts I was like having butterflies all over my tummy. I felt the pressure that I might not be able to finish the race making my RunNiversary a shame. Along the road I saw our running buddy Agnes which was also on the same distance as I am, I just challenged myself to follow her so she will not be out of my sight just to keep me going. I was not expecting to get a new PR but surprisingly, nearing to cross the finish line I was early by a minute from my old PR I had from ING Running 20 (my 2nd/5th 10K).

After a year of reminiscing all the struggles of training I realized that I have more space for improvement. Trainings and more trainings with a lot of patience will help me get there. Hopefully this year if God permits I will finally experience every runners dream.... @


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