Monday, May 23, 2011

My 16K suicide run experience

I was emailed by Greentennial Half-Marathon race organizers that Cavite Running Buddies is one of their Running Group Partner and they are giving away 10 free race kits because of that. Happy to hear the good news that CRB will be running for free on the said event, I overlooked the distance giving me the impression that it was a 10K run but apparently it was a 10 miler. I haven't tried to run that long before so it gave me a tense feeling that I might not finish, unprepared and under trained. We also came late on the event which adds up to my stress. Been the last one to start minutes after the 16K gun start because I was still lining up to pee. I even run without my watch nor a walkman to keep me entertained. With sored muscles from our training day before the race it makes running my first 16K more excruciating. Didn't want to injure myself so I listened to my body and planned to do a very relaxed pace. Although there was an urge to run fast since I think I was the last one to finish my legs won't allow me, pain is all over. I was just being boosted up by my group mates whenever we saw each other along the route. There were times that I almost want to give up and just stop. I even called my husband just to let him know that I'm in pain. But then Coach Liza's advice is to walk if I can't run anymore so I just did what she said. I even imagine myself crawling just to finish. After hours under the steaming heat of the sun, finally, two more turns and it was all over. Happy and excited to reach my most awaited finish line I started to run again. Almost about to cry I saw a familiar face waiting for me to get there. She was one of my schoolmates before and also a new member of the group. I'm shy to let her see that I'm about to break out so I really hold my tears back. Fulfilled, yes! But still disappointed and honestly frustrated that I might have finished it strong if only I was well trained to go that far. :(
Picture courtesy of Maylene Rosanes-Culanag
16K route map courtesy of Greentennial Half-Marathon


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