Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2011 Post event

Excited to run again after a year ago at the vicinity of Greenfield City. Me and my husband arrived there early since Sta. Rosa is only less than thirty minutes drive away from our place. Last year I joined the 3k route but this year I got the chance to explore Greenfield City more by doing the 10k distance. Compared to last year our second run here was more convenient since the race starts early in the morning and there were no traffic yet to stress the runners to get into the venue.

This map looks better than my last which doesn't look as challenging as this one. The maze like part is fun... By the way from the venue itself it is really breath taking you can see beautiful greenery's and from a far you can see Tagaytay's Palace in the Sky.
I met someone along the route, a very kind runner who offered me her cold bottled drink so i could cool the sore muscles on my leg which I already have a day before the event. We even got the chance to know each other while we chat along the route. I don't mind really if it eats my time to finish since getting to know other runners are also one of my interest. We even share the same dilemma about our weight :D

Together with Cavite Running Buddies (CRB) we really had a great run at Greenfield City Clean Air Run 2011... We are not just runners but also a CLEAN AIR advocate... @

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