Monday, October 25, 2010

Why Run?

February of this year my husband was diagnosed with Diabetes. It was unacceptable for me since his family knew about their medical history, but then he failed to avoid getting the disease. One of the major reason for it was his lifestyle. Many Filipinos such as myself also have a history of Diabetes in the family but it was an advantage also for us that we know so we could avoid it. March of this year was spent on thinking how to help my husband cope with it. Aside from dieting, physical activity is needed. Then April came and we found ourselves running.

It was Holy week then so we do simple diets and then a friend suggested a site where I could find running schedules so we could join ( We registered for the first time in National Geographic's Earth Run 2010 in the 3K division. With the event happening on April 18, 2010 we were forced to train so that on the event day we are all warmed up. 

The NatGeo Earth Run opened another reason for us to run. It was to run for a cause which we find more fulfilling. We trained crucially, I even questioned myself why I'm doing this. We train every other day at Tagaytay City Oval, we even met a lot of running enthusiast. One of them is also a couple in their early 60's. Their age was difficult to tell at first because they run as if they are younger than me. As months passed by, I get the chance to talk to them. They even shared their running stories which are very inspiring. One thing I cannot forget was to offer your every run to God because non of this will be possible if it wasn't for Him. I followed her advise then one day I found myself completing for the first time five (5) laps in the oval. The couple and my husband was there to witness the result of our training giving me a cheer i will never forget. I cried to God that in spite of every hardships there is a triumph all because of Him where everything is possible.

I continue reading articles/testimonies of other runners for me to draw inspiration and I hope mine will be an addition to inspire others as well...


Anonymous said...

NatGeo was my first run as well. :) I ran 5K. Hope you write more often and also share your experiences about the running.

Maie :) said...

thanks for stopping by to read... yes I would love to share more of my running experiences to everyone. Hope you could also follow my blog, thanks!

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