Monday, October 25, 2010

Mizuno Wave Inspire 4

I have this running shoes for four (4) months now and after I bought it running was a bit easier and more comfortable with its stretchy fabric, snug fit technology in the ankle and more fit to my running needs. This shoes don't need a lot of time to break in, all you need to do is enjoy the ride less the discomfort. I would recommend this to those who have normal to low arches and for those who experience mild to moderate overpronation. Stability shoes like this one can help you prevent several running injuries associated with overpronation which include IT band syndrome, plantas fasciitis, shin splints, stress fractures, medial gastrocnemius strain, heel spur, ankle sprain, Achilles tendonitis and rupture, tarsal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and a host of other knee and even hip problems. 
Just always remember before buying running shoes be sure to know exactly what kind of feet you have... The best way to know exactly what running shoes you need is to go to a running specialty store that offers gait analysis. You can find one at RUNNR store at bldg. B1 BHS, Taguig City. I get the chance to try it once since its for free. Knowing what kind of running shoes you'll need will surely give you more miles worthy of its price.


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