Monday, October 25, 2010

Races I have joined

  • NatGeo Earth Run 2010 (April 18, 2010) -- clocked 33:01 in the 3K distance. This is the very first run me and my husband joined.
  • Greenfield City Sunset Run 2010 (April 24, 2010) -- clocked 32:51 in 3K. Not much of an improvement from my last run but the experience is different.                                                                            
  • Nature Valley Run 2010: Runrio Trilogy Leg 2 (May 30, 2010) -- clocked 28:10 for my last 3K run. Aside from my husband three other friends joined us in this event. A lot has improved specially my time since at this point I lost a total of 3kg already.
  • Ace Hardware Eco-Friendly Run 2010 (June 27, 2010) -- my first 5K run... no time was recorded because I failed to bring my watch and there's no race results released by the organizers. This event is really not that organized. But its for the Save the Mangrove Project so it doesn't matter.
  • 34th National Milo Marathon Manila Leg (July 4, 2010) -- clocked in 55:54 for my second 5K distance run, actually this is my first official time for my 5K record.
  • Rexona Run 2010 (August 1, 2010) -- big improvement as well clocked 46:46 on my 3rd 5K run. This event was the most generous in terms of give aways.
  • Miles for Smiles: Run for Cleft Care (August 22, 2010) -- clocked 45:17 on the same 5K division as before with two of my running buddies to pace with me. The route for me is very challenging with lots of uphill and downhill.
  • Adidas King of the Road 2010 (October 24, 2010) -- clocked 41:47 according to my reliable watch. Can't get my official time maybe because my RFID was defective from the start. But like before I don't care I have my watch so that will be enough just for recording purposes.

Still looking forward for more runs and hopefully making it to the 10K division soon... Keep on running guys!


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