Thursday, October 28, 2010

Change is good, change for a cause is much better...

For so many times I have questioned myself "Why am I running"? It’s not an easy thing to do, with all other things I have to take care of (my work, being a mom to my 5yr old daughter and a wife). Then I need to squeeze in some training every other day or if I get lazy just twice a week plus a fun run on weekends. So why hooked on this sport? While having long runs I found the answer:

1.     Chance to bond with my husband (longer) -- Not that we don't bond together but this one is different. We share the same passion. We even pace, support and motivate each other. My favorite part is we get to shop together for our running gears which don't usually happen in my other shopping agendas.
2.     Weight management -- loosing 5kg/11lbs for just 3 months shows a lot of physical changes already. I get to eat what I want without hesitation that I will gain weight easily. People start noticing. By that alone I even get to influence my officemates to try running as well.
3.     Self Confidence – I can say that I don’t have that much of it ever since. I am really a shy person around so many people. This unconsciously sends a signal that I am “suplada”. After crossing so many races I really felt good about it giving me the feeling of fulfilment and accomplishment that I cannot just keep for myself.
4.     Self Discipline – although I’m already aware that I can manage myself from gaining weight, I’ve still learned to watch out what I eat. No exemption when it comes to training.
5.     Focused disposition – this interest me before, because I wonder how we could become so focused after exhausting ourselves in the track. What I found out is that you just don’t run you need to think. You have so much time to figure out how you manage your life and how you could make it more fruitful as you wanted it to be.
6.     For a Cause – there are a lot of fun run events happening in the country which donates and help a lot of organizations to a specific cause. Having to join several runs which benefited a specific advocacy is very rewarding itself.

Nothing more fulfilling in life than to help especially if we know that we live more comfortably than others have. But to wake up every morning to run for them can make a big change. Hope others would run more for a cause.


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